Wirral Sue Hooper, Deputy Manager, Housing Strategy Team, says “GLHS was commissioned to undertake a homelessness review. The team brought a considerable amount of knowledge, experience and professionalism. Throughout the process Gill and her team were efficient, on target and flexible in their approach to dealing with specific issues. Gill’s enthusiasm ensured a comprehensive process of engagement with all stakeholders, encouraging buy-in from all. A number of the detailed and realistic review recommendations have already been taken forward by stakeholders to deliver positive outcomes in Wirral”
NHC Participants at 2012 homelessness review and strategy workshops have said

  • “Excellent content with facilitator who was very concise”
  • “Well informed”
  • “Well presented”
  • “Comprehensive coverage of the issues and what needs to be done – lots to think about!”
SSC Grant Mitchell, Strategic Development Manager, says “Gill facilitated a session with local shapers and influencers so that we had a greater common understanding of the key housing issues and challenges facing us and how we could respond to these. Gill’s breadth of understanding of the issues both locally and nationally and her natural engaging style was key to facilitating discussion, drawing out the issues and most importantly, enabling us to develop a way forward”
CWAG John Statham, Leeds City Council and CWAG Chair, says “Gill has undertaken a number of pieces of work for the Council’s With ALMOs Group. Most recently she facilitated a members’ workshop on stock options and followed this with a briefing / guidance note on options appraisal. Feedback from the event was extremely positive and Gill went to considerable trouble to work with us to produce high quality workable guidance. Working with Gill is a positive experience as she brings vast knowledge and understanding of housing and the current policy context. She has a thorough and conscientious approach, extensively researching the topic area, engaging and debating issues, challenging everyone to address the wider issues and implications of current policy agendas”
DS Duncan Sharkey, Managing Director at Worcester City Council, says “I’m incredibly impressed with the quality and value Gill creates. Working with her is a pleasure – she brings quiet confidence and visible competence. Gill is a leader. Gill gets results and improves organisations on the way”
nwarks2 Angela Coates, Assistant Director (Housing) North Warwickshire Borough Council, says “I have worked with Gill on a variety of projects over many years. It is always a productive experience because from the first instance there is a positive dialogue about what we need as an organisation and how we can acheive our objectives. Gill brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to that dialogue which helps us shape our thinking before we start. Gill’s method of working and her direct approach means that she has always delivered the product we expected at the end of the project”
WLDC2 Rachel North, Director of Strategy and Regeneration for West Lindsey District Council, says “Gill has immense knowledge about housing and about what works on the ground in organisations to get things done. She uses this understanding to inspire people to make changes and to deliver better outcomes for communities. In West Lindsey and Lincolnshire she has supported, cajoled and encouraged our improvement and without her guiding hand we would not have achieved so much so soon”
NDBHMAjust-logo Rebecca Slack, Housing Strategy & Enabling Manager at North East Derbyshire District Council, says “Gill & Sheila did an excellent job in supporting the North Derbyshire & Bassetlaw HMA, facilitating a workshop for Housing Options and Revenues and Benefits staff on access to the private rented sector and the use of the Discretionary Housing Payments to alleviate homelessness. GLHS’s knowledge of the sector, best practice and understanding of the issues kick-started an effective dialogue between the two teams, resulting in more co-operative working and the development of joint protocols”
FCHO Joanne Griffin, Strategic Neighbourhood Manager at FCHO says “Thanks for your assistance with [our tenancy policy]; you’ve really helped me find a way through it. I like your common sense, straight forward approach”
DCC Jeremy Mason, Housing Strategy Officer, says “Lesley proved to be knowledgeable, tenacious, thorough and conscientious and was a pleasure to work with. She put in far more than was expected in order to see the project through. I’d be more than happy to work with GLHS again should the opportunity arise”
north-tyneside1 Debbie Shearer, Senior Manager Housing Strategy and Linda Lacy, Principal Strategy and Development Officer, at North Tyneside Council, say “We’ve worked with Gill on a range of projects and recommend her highly. She’s passionate about housing, and has the ability to take complex issues and identify workable solutions. She is always well-prepared and capable of delivering to a wide range of target audiences on a variety of issues. She’s efficient, effective, energising, meets deadlines, flexible in her approach and always manages to remain positive”
bolton1 Tim Bryant, Commissioning Manager at Bolton MBC, says “Gill has a great ability to quickly and fully understand complex client requirements and, at the same time, is able to work with a multiplicity of stakeholders in delivering projects”
cumbria Paul Latimer, County Manager Supporting People and Contracts Manager at Cumbria County Council, says “We invited Gill to help us establish a new strategic direction for the Supporting People programme. Gill was chosen for her extensive knowledge of the housing support sector, her skill in facilitating groups of both officers and elected members. In a very short time period Gill was able to influence and bring about the necessary changes we required”
sherwood Rob Main, Newark & Sherwood District Council & Rob Purser, Mansfield District Council, say “Gill & Lesley worked with Strategic Housing officers from Mansfield, Ashfield and Newark and Sherwood District Councils throughout 2007 and 2008 to develop a joint housing strategy on behalf of the Sherwood Forest Housing Market Area. Having worked with so many different Councils and organisations in the past, Gill & Lesley were able to bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and good practice to our project. Gill’s ability to communicate at different levels be it residents, professionals or Councillors helped to “sell” the work we were doing across our sub-region, and Gill’s commitment to the project ensured that each authority approved the final joint housing strategy, which is now delivering positive outcomes for the residents of the Sherwood Forest Area”