I’ve been lucky in the opportunities I’ve had to work in enabling homes, health and wealth, and it’s this that drives me: everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Not that I had a dream to count bricks (I trained to be a quantity surveyor- long story), but fortunately this led me into working for two progressive housing associations, managing the development of new, genuinely, affordable homes and regeneration schemes in Greater Manchester.

A home is so much more than ‘bricks and mortar’. I had the most fun working with communities to deliver the vision they had for their homes and neighbourhoods – such a rewarding challenge to bring together so many different voices – and this took me into my first role in local government, which is still where my heart lies.

I started freelancing in 2002, with untold opportunities to learn, connect and create value. I’ve worked with most local authorities in England in one guise or another, having held national roles in the private sector and most recently for Public Health England, and I’ve gained considerable insight from working with partners in health care, criminal justice, education, employment and welfare.

I like to scare myself everyday. For relaxation I ride my bike down mountains. The steeper, rooty and rockier the better.

Some of my projects are here  – to be updated!